yCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot Setup

Product Description

yCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot

Insanely fast, highly functional Adidas Bot

-Supporting Adidas US, UK, CA, AU, DE, NL, FR, IT, SP, AT, BE, SE, DK, NO, PL, CZ, CO.NZ

-full automatic or manual start of tasks

-2Captcha API integration

-intelligent management of captcha-tokens (includes automatic adding of tokens to tasks)

-supports most recent backdoor methods

-Splash Page Brute Forcer: Use multiple proxies to get through splash

-API-Key retrieval as known from yCopp Ultimate Captcha and NEW: backdoor settings retrieval: As soon as the yCopp-Team detects a new API-Key or a changed backdoor method, yCopp Ultimate Adidas Bot gets remotely updated

-extract API-Key from any Adidas product page

-automatic management of completed tasks: you have 10 minutes to open the tasks checkout window and send your payment

-supporting HTTP-Proxies: you can use a different proxy for every task you add, so the ban risk reduces to a minimum

-set custom cookies

-including ALL yCopp Ultimate Captcha features

-Multithreading: the tool is written in C# using multithreading technology to give you maximum performance