Why do I need proxies?

The use of proxies when trying to go for any crazy shoe release or clothing from a popular website is the only way to successfully checkout. Keep in mind that the proxies are only one part of the equation. A bot is required to do the adding to cart, and checking out.

Below I will use a computer with no proxies running 4 slots on a supreme drop. The 1 Ip address is instantly banned as the firewall sees 4 new sessions from 1 ip address and bans you. You are now served a timeout error as the server blocks any request made from now on. If you are banned currently proxies will get you around the ban

Infographic showing why you need proxies
1 pc running no proxies

The second run we are using 4 proxies to check out 4 items from supreme. Because we now are accessing the site from 4 different ip addresses we look like a normal person trying to buy the items. The firewall does not pick us up at all now and we can check out multiple items in seconds with no bans.


Infographic showing why you need proxies
1 pc running 4 proxies

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