Sneaker Bot errors with datacenter and residential sneaker proxies

[section_title desc=”Any questions relating to specific software that isn’t developed by will need to be directed to the proper support channels. We do not offer support on 3rd party software.” animation=”fadeInLeft”]QUESTIONS[/section_title][section_title desc=”Seeing some of the errors in your sneaker bots with sneaker proxies pictured above might make you think your data center proxies or residential proxies are not working. Please make sure during a drop to not touch anything on your sneaker bot including, restart tasks, change proxies, disable proxies, or test proxies. The errors below are all from your bot attempting to backdoor a product using its methods. In the photos above none of the proxies are banned, they are all working perfectly and actually checked out a pair as pictured below. If you would like more info about the errors you will need to contact your bots developers. Always hard test your proxies if you are wondering as a fallback plan.” animation=”fadeInLeft”]SOFTWARE ERRORS & ISSUES[/section_title]