Level 6 Sneaker Server

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So you keep seeing people checkout 50 pairs?  The Level 7 Sneaker Server is power and speed you can get with the most performance per liter of any server we have ever offered. Level 7 Sneaker Server is a radical departure from traditional server setups offering specs that are reserved for only the best of the best. This server will be hand built and installed in 24 hours as the components are custom built and only used for our top clients.

24 CPU


98304MB Memory

15000GB Bandwidth

Windows 2016 x64

If you’re not sure which components would be best for your custom sneaker server or which configuration would fit your budget, we can help you figure out which of our custom servers would be the sneaker server for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to test your new bot on a small release – or just grind away to start a profitable reselling business –, we have the servers and experience to help you out. Contact us now or start by picking your dream server on our website today.

Please note: Servers are on Data Center ip addresses and can be banned from popular websites, You will need to use a proxy or VPN to get around it.

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