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Before we can give you a correct answer we will give you some info you might not know.


We will use Chicago as our location for where one of our proxy servers are located at.


Here is how you will see the fastest ping. All of these are required.


  1. Dedicated Server, Not a shared VPS that is located in the same data center as our proxy server.
  2. 4CPU 8RAM minimum required for 1 bot, running more? Go for something better.
  3. Proxies all must be from the same server location.

Let’s say your bedroom is your server and bedroom is also our proxy server. How long does it take for you to go from server to proxy server? Instantly because they are in the same location.


Now let’s say your server is in your bedroom and our proxy server is 800 miles away. Well now how long does it take to travel to our server? Thats where you will see high ping times are you are nowhere close to where we are.


Unless you have all of the above correct you will never see the crazy ping times some people advertise, you are just buying into how they have their systems setup and when you test now you are seeing 300-500ms ping and wondering why.


Location Pairing + Subnet Bans


We do not offer server and proxy server placement because we do not like to see subnet bans. Below is what a subnet looks like.


This would be considered the 218.109 subnet


Using the subnet above let’s say you are doing a drop and using 10 proxies from 218.109 subnet.


Websites have anti ddos firewall protection and will see this as an attack. They will then auto ban you based on seeing this.


For this reason alone you will get mixed subnets from different locations.


Our proxies are only as fast as your slowest component.



Here is why ping doesn’t matter on supreme.


Supreme NYC has a system in place where all orders placed within milliseconds will generate a fake order number.


This is called a ghost checkout. To get around this you use slower proxies or you will have to put a checkout delay setting into your bot.




All bots have the delay feature.


If people are posting bot checkouts with 20-30 items checked out that’s usually all ghost orders and they didn’t set a delay. Here’s some examples.


Ghost SZN



adidas will never let you get through on a hard to get drop instantly.


They will put a splash page that will let you in based on some secret algorithm.


You can sit on the splash page for 2-3 hours and not even cart a shoe.

Our success page proves exactly what we have stated and we don’t stress about ping times at all like others because our servers and proxies are dedicated and they do not let us down.


At the end of the day all we care about is checkouts!

Triple Black UB splash page
Triple Black UB splash page



This is what the Adidas splash page looks like. Even bots cannot get though instantly
This is what the Adidas splash page looks like. Even bots cannot get though instantly

Now whats the point of having fast ping if you cant add to cart when the shoe drops at 11:00am?


There is no point at all. Here is some checkout from our customers on the Yeezy 750 Drop.


Look at the checkout times. The shoe drop time was at 7:50AM.


Adidas Yeezy 750 went live at 7:40AM PST
Adidas Yeezy 750 went live at 7:40AM PST, Customer checked out multiple over 1 hour later.


Again, look at the checkout times.
Again, look at the checkout times.





I’m sure you get the point but we didn’t cover footsites.


Even though footsites do not have a splash page and you can see an add to cart button, the foot site servers have a secret algorithm that will slowly let pairs check out.


Foot site drops usually run for 1-3 hours in some cases.


Here are some screenshots to show you our customer checkouts.





For the above image, Footsite checkouts times are:


  • Drop started at 2:00PM
  • 2:20PM
  • 2:29PM
  • 2:39PM
  • 2:54PM
  • 3:11PM


Here is some logs from Another Nike Bot AIO version.


AnotherNike Bot AIO logs
AnotherNike Bot Start Time for AJ1 Top Three Drop 7AM PST


AnotherNike Bot AIO logs
AnotherNike Bot Logs. Shoe officially sold out at 8:23 AM PST.


AnotherNike Bot AIO logs
AnotherNike Bot AIO logs show footsites putting up redirect page to stop bots from buying. This is not a ban.


The total time for the AJ1 Top Three was 1 Hour and 23 Min…..


So you said you needed the fastest ping?


Well, here’s our personal checkouts from this drop.

Sole Slayer Checkouts Top Three
Sole Slayer Checkouts Top Three

Where do you see a checkout for 07:00:03


Because that’s how fast our proxy ping was for this drop….. 30MS




So what does all this mean?


In conclusion, the time differences are so different that 100-500ms isn’t doing you anything…. ever.


Footsites and adidas do not care about ping. Supreme does so much that they will ghost checkout all your slots and you will get nothing.


What matters is dedicated proxies that can handle the amount of data reliably without crashing and that’s why we always cook.


If you would like to checkout our customer success please click here 



Our ping user agreement.


Proxy ping and speed is not guaranteed as there are many other factors that are out of our hands.

Factors affecting speed are

  • Computer Specs
  • Server Specs
  • Server Uplink
  • Server Downlink
  • Server Data Center traffic
  • Shared VPS vs Dedicated VPS
  • Server or home pc location
  • Software used to Test
  • Website you are ping speed, server, location
  • Website you are testing traffic. Is it during a drop? Expect slow “website” ping.
  • Our data center locations.
  • Having a server that has 1000mbps+ Download will not increase a ping. Proxy server location and Dedicated server location need to be in the same exact datacenter for best results.

As you can see there are so many things that will give you the final ping test result. If any of these are slow, that is your bottleneck.

Internet service provider, Server location, server specs all play a role in the final ping number. Because so many factors determine what the final ping is we cannot guarantee your speed. The speeds we post are from ATCproxys server setups. There are 100% no refunds due to clients getting slow speeds. By making your purchase you agree to these terms.

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