Nike SNKRS Account Generator Setup

Please make sure the following has been completed before starting the generator. Failure to do so will render the generator to fail and not start.

  • Valid PVA Codes API key saved in pvakeyapi.txt
  • IP Auth proxies in proxies.txt (Buy here)
  • Discord Webhook URL in discordWebhook.txt
  • English Version of Google Chrome


If you get this error after trying to create an account, a lot please change the following:

  1. Change proxies – too many accounts made on the same IP will block you from creating new accounts.
  2. Do not run on a server, it has to be a home pc. The remote session blocks some automation. The server isn’t needed for this type of software.
  3. Do not use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a computer to run it. The remote session blocks some automation.
  4. Restart the program after applying changes

Download and install here

The DOB format in your browser needs to be in the month/day/year format. This is a common error amongst users in Asian and some EU countries who have their browsers automatically use the day/month/year or other formats. To fix this, type “Date & time settings” into the Windows search bar. Click it, then scroll down to “Related Settings”, and click “Date, time & regional formatting”. Under “Regional format data”, click “Change data formats”. Click on the “Short date” date and change it to the first month/date/year option.
  1. If you would like to receive the emails of all accounts to one single email account you will need a catch all email address.We use namecheap to buy domains and get our own custom email address.Buy a cheap domain here from as low as $1After getting the domain, Here are the steps required to make a catch-all address.You can enter just but you will not have access to any of the gmails the accounts are associated with. API key required.

Signup and get your API key:

Get the API key and put it into the file called pvaapikey.txt

Save the file, start the generator. The Generator will check to make sure the key is valid and also check the account balance.

If your balance says 0 then you need to add credits to your PVA account. Do this before continuing. Cost per USA SMS is 8 Credits. I’d recommend buying credits in bulk on skype to get the best rate per number.

For best pricing add the owner on skype Skype: aman.saha0 and ask for Nike pricing. Tell them ATCproxys sent you. Cost for accounts should be discounted because of our referral around .50 cents to $1.50 cents depending on how much you credit your account. Bulk rate is usually 8000 credits it is $500 and each number costs 8 credits getting you 1000 numbers for $500. He does have cheaper packages if you do not want to spend $500. Refer questions about purchasing and account support to Skype: aman.saha0.


Q: Getting a no balance message but I have credits on my PVA Account

A: PVA Costs per SMS are usually 8 credits, to see actual pricing, check the price page here

To use localhost simply do not add any proxies to the proxies.txt file. If you have any proxies in this file, localhost will not run.

To use proxies simply add proxies to the proxies.txt file, if you want to run local host just remove the proxies from the proxies.txt file.

  1. IP authentication required! User:Pass will not work!
    Good: 121.123.321.1323:3128
    Bad: 121.123.321.1323:3128:Username:Password
  2. Proxy Location needs to be USA only and try not to use generated proxies (Google Cloud, AES, Etc, Most do not load the sign-up form. The reason is that proxy needs to match the same country as the number we are verifying with. Please test proxies in the web browser and make sure when loads there is no pop up asking you to change to a different country.
  3. If you need proxies that will 100% generate accounts you can use our SNKR DC proxy pack. Try to start with 25 proxies and work up from there if you are making a lot. I would not use residential because of the data cost, the tasks use a lot of data.
  1. Find the Discord channel in which you would like to send commits and other updates
  2. In the settings for that channel, find the Webhooks option and create a new webhook. Note: Do NOT give this URL out to the public or your accounts will be sent to everyone. Anyone or service can post messages to this channel, without even needing to be in the server. Keep it safe!
  3. Use the image below as the bots photo or you can pick your own.
  4. Put the URL in the discordWebhook.txt and save the file before running the generator.


Adidas Verified Accounts

Accounts are exported in a Email:Password:Phone number output.

You do not need the phone number at the end when using the accounts.

Accounts are exported in a Email:Password:Phone number output.

You do not need the phone number at the end when using the accounts.

If you would like to remove numbers download the tool here

Place accounts into 1.txt file

Start the program, Accounts will change to Email:Password and saved to the 2.txt file


Q: Generating cookies… Normal for this to restart browser multiple times

A: USA proxies only & make sure you have the English version of chrome.

Q: Getting a no balance message but I have credits on my PVA Account

A: PVA Costs per SMS are usually 8 credits, to see actual pricing, check the price page here

Q: Getting a Network Error on when the generator tries to make an account

A: Change proxies or localhost, they have been banned.

Q: NoSuchElementException is showing when trying to make accounts

A: This is an issue where the SMS code does not receive in time, the generator will try to make a new account automatically for you.

Q: Accounts are not verified

A: Proxy issue or Nike issue, when submitting the code received Nike will give an error saying

An error occurred.

We are unable to connect to our servers right now. Please try again later.

Try new proxies, or restart your computer to clear the cache.


Q: My issue is not listed

A: Please email us directly

Running the generator is simple. Leave it on all day and night. If numbers happen to sell out the generator will stop to save your proxies and then restart when numbers restock. We recommend you leave this running on a server or home pc 24/7 as numbers sell out in 1-2 hours.

How does the generator shut off? It does not. We made it as simple as possible to keep trying to get numbers and make accounts so you can use your time elsewhere. Simply grab the accounts from the discord channel, we do not recommend opening the text file during use as you can break the read and write cycle of adding accounts to the file.

Keep in mind that making accounts before a release is very hard. The PVA codes API is getting hammered by lots of users and a lot of times does not return SMS codes. Do not worry though, if we don’t receive an SMS we do not get charged. I’d recommend making accounts as early as you can and not wait until the day before a drop, this is the worst time to do it.

After making some acounts you probally want to speed this process up. In order to do so make sure first that you have around 10+ datacenter proxies.

Next, simply open the program multiple times. Each instance will keep running and creating accounts until you run out of credits. Also, if numbers happen to go out of stock the program will keep checking until there is a restock and then continue making accounts.