Dead Proxies

Our proxies are never dead, most customers cannot figure out how to properly test. We do not accept proxy tests from websites, bots, or random testing software because they are not a real actual live test and will show failed, banned, timeout, or any other error. You will need to enter the proxy into a web browser to see what is going on. After entering the proxy into a web browser you will either connect and see that the proxy is working, or you will see an error. The error will tell you exactly what is wrong and why your proxy isn’t working. As soon as you get the error please take a screenshot and sent it to


If you see the error stating you need to add XXXX ip to your authorized list of ip addresses please copy that ip and add it to your control panel.


Sending us a proxy test from websites, bots, or random testing software will get a response back to this page so please don’t send them.