Change Location of Residential Proxies

Follow the steps below to obtain your Master Proxy

  1. Find your order here
  2. Click on your order number
  3. In the order updates area, there  will contain your proxy list
  4. The proxy list should all be the same, this is normal you have been given a specific amount of threads to use.
  5. Do not give this proxy list to anyone

You will receive a proxy list from us after we set up your proxy server. Import the full list into your software. The proxies will not be activated until the specific time you purchased for. This is usually 10 min before a drop that all proxies activate. They will stay on for around 20-30 min after the drop. See the product page for actual times. If your software doesn’t let you import the whole list, you can import only one proxy. Make only the amount of tasks to proxies you purchase. These proxies run on how many threads you purchased for. For example, you purchase 10 proxies this allows for 10 threads/tasks to be made. Any extra will result in a 403 banned error or a release.


The port of the proxy is the second part of the proxy. In the example below, the port is after the first colon

The port is 3127

To change your proxy to the United Kingdom, the port for UK is 3128 as noted on the chart below.

We will change the proxy port from our example above from 3127 to 3128 to connect to UK proxy server.

Before we change the proxy it looks like this:

Your UK proxy should now look like this

You can run multiple proxies with different ports if you would like to at the same time.

For example, let’s say you would want to run proxies from all over the world at the same time.

Each proxy will route to a different location.


Locations are located below.



High Rotation Endpoints – Each Request Gets Fresh IP

Port 3121 – United States - Online
Port 3114 – Canada - Online
Port 3116 – Australia - Online
Port 3120 – United Kingdom - Online
Port 3119 – Germany - Online
Port 3118 – France - Online
Port 3115 – Japan - Online
Port 3113 – China - Online
Port 3117 – Italy - Online

Quick Rotation Endpoints – 1 Min Sticky IP

Port 3127 – United States - Online
Port 3122 – New York - Online
Port 3126 - France – Online
Port 3129 - Japan – Online
Port 3128 - United Kingdom – Online