BNB AIO Version Setup

Residential Proxies

We offer Residential Sneaker proxies with custom endpoints for any location. Our master proxy lets you change the locations in seconds without any hard to deal with configurations. All residential proxies come in a username and password format, easy to import into any sneaker bot.

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Datacenter Proxies

If you are looking for speed and unbanned subnets we are the provider for you. Our datacenter proxies are not blacklisted like our competors. Most proxies will work up until the release and then boom – subnet ban. We keep our subnets safe by not overselling so you can get more sneakers!

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Using other proxy providers not meant for releases or have no sneaker related info will be temp or perm banned on the release every single time and they will not refund you for this because it is bot related use. Don’t deal with the hassle of getting instantly banned and losing on the whole release because you got proxies that are not made for high demand releases. ATCproxys provides UNBANNABLE proxies on real residential and datacenter connections! No BS, Just success! Purchase unbannable proxies here with up to 4000GBPS AND 1 ms ping!






How to not get banned and keep your proxies alive

When running your proxies we do not want to get banned, that’s why we got them in the first place right?

With BNB AIO make sure the tasks and proxies are the same number. 10 Tasks 10 Proxies. Do not break this rule!

Start tasks 2 mins before the drop unless you are running foot sites you can start early as long as the product shows a countdown timer and your bot supports countdowns.

BNB will show when the product will be available in the log file but we are not sure if every task checks this USE CAUTION!

BNB AIO for supreme set the scheduler to start 2 mins before the drop.

Nothing worse that starting up 10-15 min early and seeing a 403 banned error.

End all tasks after you have checked out. If the item shows sold out also stop the task.

We have personally never had bans using the above methods.

Good Luck!