ANB Proxy Tester Issues

We have seen this proxy tester work for some of the sites and we will not use the proxy tester to test anymore. The best way to test is as following

Remember before testing the proxies you will need to AUTHORIZE your ip address.

  1. Lets say you purcahsed 10 proxies from us for adidas
  2. You will now go to and find and shoe in stock
  3. Next you will get the sku from adidas not the link Ex: AQ5166
  4. Select guest checkout, put in a size that is in stock
  5. Create 10 of the same slots, DO NOT PUT BILLING INFO we just want the bot to cart a shoe
  6. Next enter your proxies into the bot and enable them, do not click test proxies
  7. Click start all adidas tasks
  8. all the accounts will log in, check the link , and cart the shoe. This is not a fast process. Wait.
  9. After this is done you are done testing and are good to go
  10. If the tasks do not log in or show access denied you did not set your ip address correctly or they can be banned from you running a previous drop.


Below is a test we did for a customer.



screenshot_1 screenshot_2

Test Results










screenshot_6 screenshot_7


screenshot_8 screenshot_9



screenshot_10 screenshot_11