How to access your sneaker server

If you just received your server information and cannot connect please allow your server to configure first, this process can take up to 60 minutes to complete. Connecting to your server will be unavailable until this has completed.

You will receive 3 things to access your server
IP address
Username Admin
Passw0rd jkrR$#!SDf

First thing you want to go on windows is go to start and search for RDP


Enter the IP address we have sent you.


Enter the ip and then click connect!


Click Don’t Ask me again and then connect


Click More Chioices


Click Use a different account


Enter the username and password we emailed you and click ok


You are now done! Install your apps and delete all data before your time is up.

If you need to grab items off your current computer and transfer them to the server follow this guide.

  1. Select the items on your personal computer and put them in a folder
  2. Select the folder and Press Ctrl+C
  3. Open your server full screen
  4. Press CTRL+V
  5. Files should start transferring
  6. After the transfer completes enter your folder to get the data

If you find that your
is showing a different location than you purchased on a 3rd party ip lookup website then that would be because they have not yet got an updated record of RIPE database. The server is in fact located where you purchased and you do not need To change anything.